8 y/o
AQHA (Reg 4377849) Gelding
About Zeke:
Price - $2300
Zeke is the ultimate trail horse for an intermediate rider. He has logged over 300 hours trail riding. He is highly sensitive, side-passes, neck reins, turns on a dime, and backs with a thought and the slightest pressure. He mimics his rider's attitude. He is not hyper, but has been ridden with very light hands and legs. He responds to leg cues and voice cues. He was used on a working cattle ranch to move cattle and open gates. He is not afraid to forge a river, cross a bridge, and he likes to swim. Many of the trails he has been ridden on are mountainous. He has a very light mouth and has been ridden both English and Western.
Zeke is willing and pleasant. He is energetic and enjoyable to ride. He is not silly or spooky. He is a quick and "catty" horse. He would be great for competitive trail riding, extreme cowboy horse, and/or competitive ranch horse.
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